Costume Archive

I like making costumes almost as much as I like wearing them. It's a great chance to be someone (or something ;-) else. Here is an archive of all my costumes from the past 10 years or so. Also includes Melanie's costumes!

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Hwn_04_Interior (432x650, 59.8 kilobytes) Prop Archive

I've never been happy with the cutsey, fake looking crap that passes for Halloween decorations and props. So I mostly make my own. Here you will find everything from tombstones to caged corpses to ... well, whatever I imagine! Includes decorations as well as costume props.

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Halloween Party Archives

Party pics from all of our parties, sorted by year!

The Garage

I love cars. And bikes. Even my truck. I'm a bit of a gearhead at heart. In the Garage you'll find photos and write ups on all my rides. Even some that I don't have any more (ok, I admit that sometimes I still miss 'Babs', my '83 RX-7 Limited...)

The Armory

I like my scythe. Really! It's cool, old and rusty. But it just doesn't make nearly enough noise. And let's face it, tetanus takes too long... Here you'll find details on some of my guns. Everything from my great (x3) grandfather's Winchester 94 (circa 1897) to the AR-15 I built myself. If you don't like guns, don't click here!!

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