Halloween Party 2007!

"Y'all c'mon in now, hear!"

A few quick words of THANKS:

To Jacki of Jacki's Catering for graciously providing great sandwiches for the party.

To Mark and Lawrence at Primary Color for printing the Zombie spinner as well as cutting out the new cemetery sign. You guys are awesome!!

And to Donn Enroth (aka: Officer Dangle) for cutting out our cool bat-wing ceiling fan blades!

The invite for this year's party: !

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Costume Winners

Overall Party

House Decorations

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First off, the awards...

Lamest: Dreamcatcher

aka: Sammy

I always sort of hate giving this one out, but in the immortal words of Judge Smails from Caddyshack, "The world needs ditch diggers too, Danny."

Funniest: Hillbillies

aka: Jacki & Cheryl

Yep, dey shore 'nuff gone and done it again. Second time em crazy yokels done won a prize. Now if'n we could just get 'em to bring somma dat moonshine dey's always swiggin' to da party...

Scariest: Giesha

aka: Big Al

Ok, interesting fact. Tradition dictates that even though I got the most votes for scariest costume, I can't accept the award (being the host and all). So the award goes to the first runner up, Big Al in this case. What is interesting here is that between the two of us, we had every vote but one. You'll notice that the two overwhelmingly scariest costumes were guys dressed as girls. Coincidence? I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

Sexiest Female: Dirty Martini

aka: Sarah

I noticed that there were a lot of drool marks on the ballots here. I'm just sayin'...

Sexiest Male: Officer Dangle

aka: Donn

Those of you with keen minds unaffected by Jell-O will notice that this is the second party in a row that someone dressed as Officer Dangle has won sexiest male. Take notes for next year...

Best Couple or Group: Robert Palmer and Guitar Girl

aka: Tom & Linda

Linda's Palmer Girl was pretty good! But she needed several friends dressed the same. Just like I needed more nurses. Then the two groups could have squared off and rumbled!! Pay-Per-View, here we come!!!

Most Original: Paul Revere

aka: Christina

I loved this costume! Which is really impressive when you consider that there isn't a speck of blood on it ;-) Christina did a great job on it! Plus, you know, it's Paul Revere. Have you ever seen a Paul Revere costume? Exactly...

Best Overall: Robot

aka: Jeremy

Jeremy's Robot was very well done. Personally, I love the hand pincers! And I really appreciate him nixing the flame thrower since we just painted...

The rest of the party!

Another AWESOME turnout and lots of great costumes!

Hwn_04_Party-2 (5) (488x650, 71.4 kilobytes) Hwn_04_Party-2 (6) (650x487, 41.4 kilobytes)

Hwn_04_Party-2 (8) (650x487, 62.9 kilobytes)
House Decorations

The house is where we really put most of our effort. It's fun for the party and the rest of the neighborhood gets to benefit as well ;-) We have quite a reputation and folks are constantly stopping to see how things are coming along, as well as to tell us how much they enjoy the display. The comments from total strangers really make it worthwhile!

This year we built a gate for the cemetery and a lovely iron-looking sign to place over the entrance. We named our cemetery the "Mourningwood Cemetery". Kudos to David Adams for possibly being the only guest who got the joke...

Hwn_04_Party-2 (1) (488x650, 47.1 kilobytes) Hwn_04_Party (488x650, 42.7 kilobytes)
Hwn_04_Party-2 (2) (650x487, 42.3 kilobytes)

I designed the fanblades in Illustrator and Donn cut them out for me. Cool, huh?!

Hwn_04_Party-2 (2) (650x487, 42.3 kilobytes)

Here's the actual art I created to make the cemetery sign from. I can't imagine what it would have taken to cut this one by hand...

Hwn_04_Party-2 (4) (650x487, 38.2 kilobytes)
Hwn_04_Party-2 (3) (650x487, 45.8 kilobytes)