Halloween Party 2005!

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Costume Winners

Overall Party

House Decorations

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First off, the awards...

We went back to our "traditional" categories this year and the voting was close in several categories.

As always, the hosts weren't allowed to win, no matter how many votes for I got for scariest ...

Coming Soon!....

The rest of the party!

Another AWESOME turnout and lots of great costumes!

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House Decorations

The house is where we really put most of our effort. Its fun for the party and the rest of the neighborhood gets to benefit as well ;-) We have quite a reputation and folks are constantly stopping to see how things are coming along, as well as to tell us how much they enjoy the display. The comments from total strangers really make it worthwile!

This year we added two new (and more ornate) tombstones to the group. Gwen (young girl who died from 'Unnatural Causes') and Capt. Moore who was lost with all hands at sea. Gwen, since she died an unnatural death, has come back as a ghost and could be seen floating on the balcony above the cemetary. Gwen (or my Flying Crank Ghost) was a huge hit! She glows eerily, due to the use of black lights and brightening dye, and moves about while floating above the railing. Fully articulated arms really made her convincing! I'm very pleased with the way she turned out! We also added a gallows to compliment the guys impaled on stakes in the front yard...

The final, and crowning touch, was Jumpin' Joe. Joe is a corpsed skeleton that was in shackles, sitting on a bench by the front door, illuminated by a red light. I put my devious mind to work and created one of our best scares ever. I took a windshield wiper motor and made Joe come alive! I'll spare you the details, but when guests walked up to the house, Joe was waiting. To get to Joe, you have to pass all of the other static (non-moving) props in the yard. When you get to Joe, he looks like just another decoration. But, he's wired to a motion sensor! When people stepped up to the door, the red light went out, a strobe light kicked on and Joe started lunging towards them, thrashing against his chains! He worked GREAT! I don't think a single group of guests had to use the doorbell since everyone inside could hear the startled screams that Joe brought out! I LOVE this prop!

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