Halloween Party 2003!

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Costume Winners

Overall Party

House Decorations

We'd like to say a quick thanks to Robert & Kelly Johnson and Daryl & Rhonda Adams for helping us out this year, and every year for that matter, by providing additional food and drink. Thanks, also, to everyone who attended, as well as all of you who sent me your pictures to post. In fact, most of this year's actual party pics came from you, as I couldn't use my camera with my claws...

First off, the awards...

Lamest: Security Guy (Brendan)

Sexiest Female: Cher (Veronica)

Sexiest Male: Bruce Lee (Ilram)

Scariest: Invisible Man/Mummy Man - depending on who you talked to... (Scott)

Most Original: Patsy and Eddie - from Absolutely Fabulous (Brittney & Amy)

Best Overall: Goldmember (Stu)

Boo's Choice: Danny and Sandy, the later years... (Karen & James)

Honorable Mention: Edward Scissorhands! Deva came in second in 3 categories and, overall, had more votes than anyone else. Just not enough in any one category to win it...

Honorable Mention II: Elektra

Jo is my artist friend who helped me create the Monkey of Death and who makes an awesome costume! Unfortunately, she's in Savannah, GA, which makes the drive to the party a bit difficult (and gives her the only real excuse for not making it ;-). At least she sent pics of her costume!

The rest of the party!

House Decorations